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Bed Head Units

UMS advanced medical bedhead units are designed for all hospital departments.

UMS bedhead units are designed and incorporate medical gas outlets, Patient reading light, electrical and data services, monitor connection, and accessories.

A provision for nurse call points can be provided, room lights are also available to be pre-installed in the unit.


UMS bedhead units are in accordance with the British Department of Health Memorandum No 2015 (HTM 08-03) and can be provided with any different international standards such as ISO, AFNOR, or NFPA.

Bed Head Unit configuration is fully modular, length, number/type of outlets, colors, etc... can be designed according to the specifications of each project.


UMS Bedhead Units can include:

  • Medical gas outlets, according to different standards

  • Electrical outlets, according to different voltages types

  • Communication outlets (phone, RJ45)

  • Nurse call provision

  • Medical Rail

  • Lighting, includes Reading light, Room light, and Night light.

UMS Vertical units:

Where a large number of services need to be provided at the bed, or where the building form is such that the use of a horizontal type of trunking is impractical, for example where doors and windows cause tortuous trunking routes,a vertical unit arrangement may be the most suitable means of accommodating them.

UMS Bedhead Units - Vertical units
Bedhead Units - Vertical units

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