Medical Equipment Requirements with specifications & BOQ

Our experience in this field will be shown clearly here, the requirements of every room, department, and service area in the hospital will be considered,


The room list will be ready for our clients as well as the best-developed specification of each equipment as well as each department BOQs to simplify the idea of selecting the best equipment of each room or department to the highest standards applicable in this field of service.

  • By applying competent validation of design specifications and the on-going credibility of progressive design development we win the Client's confidence and trust.

  • With available samples of the latest specifications whilst considering alternative strategies that might assist with bidder’s unique marketing points.

  • Achieving scheme affordability through innovative development and close control of Schedules of Accommodation. With practical and operational input provided to the Design Team through our understanding of the health planning design of client requirements.

  • By arranging and Issuing the details of the specification of each item and the project BOQ accordingly it will be an easy process for the client to publish and announce the related tender.

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