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About Us

healthcare hospital design and medical equipment planning

About UMS

UMS specialized in the field of healthcare hospital design and medical equipment planning in UK and Global.

UMS with long experience of over twenty years in the health field industry, facility design, medical equipment planning, and project management. Its main specialty is to offer complete advance technical consultation services to healthcare suppliers, manufacturers, and architects involved in hospital and healthcare facility design.

With a wide range of international clients, UMS has established, and build up, dialogue with most major specialist medical equipment manufacturers worldwide To uphold a strong competitive edge.


UMS maintains good contacts with local, regional, international health authorities, and regulatory organizations. Implemented projects spanned a large category of services, starting from hospitals, healthcare, and medical projects, to academic buildings, civil buildings, residential and medical facilities.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission To provide clients with distinguished and creative hospital design, products, and service solutions based on the latest advanced technology.


Providing the latest, modern integrated services to achieve goals. We work with our clients to validate ideas and put a well-developed plan in place.


We work closely with clients to locate the solutions on all phases of the projects from architectural design to operation & management phases.


Based on our experience it is clear that better hospital design can create and improve the quality of patient care and definitely reduce the risk of infection.

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