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Medical Isolation Power Transformers - IPS



UMS has designed the Isolated Power Supplies to comply with the International and UK standards for areas that are classified as either “Group 2” or “Clinical Category 4 or 5” locations. These include BS: 7671 (17th Edition) Including Amendment No 3 (2015), HD 60364‐7‐710 ‐ 2012, IET Guidance Note 7 (4th edition), and HTM06‐01.


The standard Isolated Power System Type SIPS‐F‐EDS‐16 consists of two distinct items:

  • Floor‐standing Monitoring and Distribution Panel

  • Remote Alarm Annunciator (1‐off) – choice of RA006, RA004, RA003 or RA008 (see separate data sheets)

The Floor‐standing Distribution Panel includes:



  • IPS Controller type ‐ IPM400 instead of EDS400

  • MCB Trip Monitoring module (MTMM) ‐ recommended

  • Surge protection ‐ recommended

  • Transformer in‐rush limiter

  • Kilowatt hour meter (BREEAM)

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