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United Medical Hospital System

Welcome to UMS

UMS specializes in the field of hospital design and medical equipment planning in the UK and globally.

UMS has over twenty years experience in the healthcare industry, facility design, medical equipment planning, and project management.


It’s main specialty is to offer advance technical consultation to healthcare providers, manufacturers, and architects involved in medical facilities.

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Our Products

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Operating Room Control Panels

Touch Surgical Control Panel, or “ Modern Operating Room Control Panel is a wall mounted enclosure


Medical Gas Maifold System

Our Manifold systems are suitable to Deliver Medical Gases for all healthcare facilities....

Medical Isolation Power Transformers

Medical Isolation Power Transformers

UMS has designed the Isolated Power Supplies to comply with the International and UK....

AVSU .....jpeg

Area Valve Service Units - AVSU

AVSU or Area Valve Service Unit is a wall-mounted Cabinet in the medical gas system...


Bed Head Unit & Ceiling Pendants

UMS advanced medical bedhead units are designed for all hospital departments...


Operating Room Pendants

Operating Theatre pendants and surgical light are medical devices intended to assist medical personnel

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