Operating Room

Intensive Care


The design is not the only thing we do,UMS we also provides medical solutions for specific hospital departments such as operation Theaters, Patients rooms Bed head trunking units and medical Isolation Transformers.

Operating room control panels:

Experts in design and manufacture hospitals modular stainless steel theatre control panels and the Touch screen control panels TCP. Which provides Doctors and medical staff with all the necessary information required in the operation theatres just in one panel.

Medical Isolation Power Transformers:

As according to the patient protection, IPS is totally Recommended by UK standards to be used in critical Areas to isolate the power system for both patients And staff safety.

UMS will design and provide the best Medical Isolation Transformer protection system suitable for each critical Department.

The medical Isolation System will contain all Necessary parts that provides full protection with The monitors and alarms

Bed Head Unit:

UMS Horizontal and vertical advanced bed head units are designed for all hospital departments.

BHU are in accordance with the British Department of Health Memorandum No 2015 (HTM 08-03) and can be provided with any different international standards such as ISO, AFNOR or NFPA.

Bed Head Unit configuration is fully modular, length, number/type of outlets, colors, etc... Can be designed according to the specifications of each project.


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